conveys a list of one or more attributes related to an entitlement. An entitlement may contain an EntitlementType, which states what can be done at a gross level, e.g. that a party can make markets. It may be limited further within EntitlementGrp, e.g. that such market making is allowed only for a list of stocks. The EntitlementAttribGrp contains fine details clarifying or limiting the EntitlementType, e.g. that such market making must be conducted with a specific minimum quote size and a specific maximum spread.


Tag Field Name Req'd Comments
1777 NoEntitlementAttrib N
1778 EntitlementAttribType N

Required if NoEntitlementAttrib <1777> > 0.

1779 EntitlementAttribDatatype N

If specified, and this is an attribute published by FPL in the external code list, this must agree with the published datatype.

1780 EntitlementAttribValue N

Required if NoEntitlementAttrib <1777> > 0.

1781 EntitlementAttribCurrency N
2940 EntitlementAttribCurrencyCodeSource N

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