Type: int

Market condition. In the context of ESMA RTS 8 it is important that trading venues communicate the condition of the market, particularly "stressed" and "exceptional", in order to provide incentives for firms contributing to liquidity.

Valid values:

  • 0 = Normal

    The condition of the market in the absence of "stressed" or "exceptional" conditions.

  • 1 = Stressed

    In the context of ESMA RTS 8 Article 6: Trading venues shall set out the parameters to identify stressed market conditions in terms of significant short-term changes of price and volume. Trading venues shall consider the resumption of trading after volatility interruptions as stressed market conditions.

  • 2 = Exceptional

    In the context of ESMA RTS 8 Article 3: Due to (a) a situation of extreme volatility; (b) war, industrial action, civil unrest or cyber sabotage; (c) disorderly trading conditions, e.g. due to technical issues; (d) unavailability of risk management facilities.

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