The DeliveryScheduleGrp is a repeating subcomponent of the Stream component used to detail step schedules associated with a delivery stream.

Note: Holiday schedule is standard for the country and time zone and need not be specified.


Tag Field Name Req'd Comments
41037 NoDeliverySchedules N
41038 DeliveryScheduleType N

Required if NoDeliverySchedules <41037> > 0.

41039 DeliveryScheduleXID N
41040 DeliveryScheduleNotional N
41041 DeliveryScheduleNotionalUnitOfMeasure N
41042 DeliveryScheduleNotionalCommodityFrequency N
41043 DeliveryScheduleNegativeTolerance N
41044 DeliverySchedulePositiveTolerance N
41045 DeliveryScheduleToleranceUnitOfMeasure N
41046 DeliveryScheduleToleranceType N

Conditionally required when DeliveryScheduleNegativeTolerance <41043> or DeliverySchedulePositiveTolerance <41044> is specified.

41047 DeliveryScheduleSettlCountry N
41048 DeliveryScheduleSettlTimeZone N
41049 DeliveryScheduleSettlFlowType N
41050 DeliveryScheduleSettlHolidaysProcessingInstruction N
Component Block - <DeliveryScheduleSettlDayGrp> N

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