The Pay Collect Group component block is a repeatable block intended to report individual pay/collect items to be considered when calculating net settlement.

A Pay/Collect is a payment or collection of funds by the clearing house to/from a clearing firm for a specific reason. Pay/Collects are typically netted to a single amount and factored into the firm’s daily net settlement. Values are to be maintained by an external code list. The currency of the pay/collect amount may be optionally included.


Tag Field Name Req'd Comments
1707 NoPayCollects N
1708 PayCollectType N

Required if NoPayCollects > 0.

1709 PayCollectCurrency N

Can be used to specify the base settlement currency if Currency <15> is not specified.

2094 PayCollectFXRate N
2095 PayCollectFXRateCalc N
1710 PayAmount N
1711 CollectAmount N
1712 PayCollectMarketSegmentID N
1713 PayCollectMarketID N

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