The UnderlyingSettlRateDisruptionFallbackGrp is a repeating subcomponent of the UnderlyingPaymentStreamNonDeliverableSettlTermGrp component used to specify the method, prioritized by the order it is listed, to get a replacement rate for a disrupted settlement rate option for a non-deliverable settlement currency.


Tag Field Name Req'd Comments
40659 NoUnderlyingSettlRateFallbacks N
40660 UnderlyingSettlRatePostponementMaximumDays N

Required if NoUnderlyingSettlRateFallbacks <40659> > 0.

Component Block - <UnderlyingSettlRateFallbackRateSource> N
40662 UnderlyingSettlRatePostponementSurvey N
40663 UnderlyingSettlRatePostponementCalculationAgent N

Used In