Contains details for a party, including related parties and alternative party identifiers.


Tag Field Name Req'd Comments
1671 NoPartyDetails N
1691 PartyDetailID N

The identification of the party. Required when NoPartyDetails <1671> > 0.

1692 PartyDetailIDSource N

Used to identify source of PartyID value (e.g. BIC). Required when NoPartyDetails <1671> > 0.

1693 PartyDetailRole N

Identifies the type of PartyID (e.g. Executing Broker). Required when NoPartyDetails <1671> > 0.

1674 PartyDetailRoleQualifier N
Component Block - <PartyDetailSubGrp> N
Component Block - <PartyDetailAltIDGrp> N

Optionally used to specify alternate IDs to identify the party specified.

Component Block - <RelatedPartyDetailGrp> N

May not be specified in PartyDetailsListUpdateReport <CK> if ListUpdateAction <1324> = D(Delete)

1672 PartyDetailStatus N

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