Type: int

Source of NBBO information.

Valid values:

  • 0 = Not applicable

    Default if not specified. NBBO information is not applicable. NBBOEntryType <2831>, NBBOPrice <2832>, and NBBOQty <2833> must be omitted.

  • 1 = Direct

    Information is retrieved directly from an exchange or other electronic execution venue. There may be a performance advantage compared to retrieving the information from a source consolidating multiple feeds.

  • 2 = Securities Information Processor

    The Securities Information Processor (SIP) links the U.S. markets by processing and consolidating all protected bid/ask quotes and trades from every trading venue into a single, easily consumed data feed.

  • 3 = Hybrid

    A combination of two or more data feeds is used as NBBO source. In the context of US CAT this is used for a combination of direct and SIP feeds.

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