Type: char

Identifies the source of the RequestingPartyID <1658> value.

Valid values:

  • For PartyRole = "InvestorID" and for CIV
    • 6 = UK National Insurance or Pension Number
    • 7 = US Social Security Number
    • 8 = US Employer or Tax ID Number
    • 9 = Australian Business Number
    • A = Australian Tax File Number
    • J = Tax ID
  • For PartyRole = "InvestorID" and for Equities
    • 1 = Korean Investor ID
    • 2 = Taiwanese Qualified Foreign Investor ID QFII/FID
    • 3 = Taiwanese Trading Acct
    • 4 = Malaysian Central Depository (MCD) number
    • 5 = Chinese Investor ID
  • For PartyRole="Broker of Credit"
    • I = Directed broker three character acronym as defined in ISITC "ETC Best Practice" guidelines document
  • For all PartyRoles
    • B = BIC (Bank Identification Code - SWIFT managed) code (ISO9362 - See "Appendix 6-B")
    • C = Generally accepted market participant identifier (e.g. NASD mnemonic)
    • D = Proprietary / Custom code

      Custom ID schema used between counterparties, trading platforms and repositories.

    • E = ISO Country Code
    • F = Settlement Entity Location (note if Local Market Settlement use "E=ISO Country Code") (see "Appendix 6-G" for valid values)
    • G = Market Identifier Code (ISO 10383) MIC
    • H = CSD participant/member code (e.g.. Euroclear, DTC, CREST or Kassenverein number)
    • K = Australian Company Number
    • L = Australian Registered Body Number
    • M = CFTC reporting firm identifier
    • N = Legal Entity Identifier (ISO 17442) LEI
    • O = Interim identifier

      An interim entity identifier assigned by a regulatory agency prior to an LEI (ISO 17442) being assigned.

    • P = Short code identifier

      A generic means for trading venues, brokers, investment managers to convey a bilaterally agreed upon "short hand" code for an identifier that is a reference to a mapping between the parties.

    • Q = National ID of natural person

      An identification number generally assigned by a government authority or agency to a natural person which is unique to the person it is assigned to. Examples include, but not limited to, "social security number", "pension number".

    • R = India Permanent Account Number

      Also referred to as PAN ID. An identifier issued by the Income Tax Department of India.

    • S = Firm designated identifier

      Also referred to as FDID. A unique identifier required by the SEC for each trading account designated by Industry Members for purposes of reporting to CAT (Consolidated Audit Trail).

    • T = Special Segregated Account ID

      Also referred to as SPSA ID. The Special Segregated Account identifier issued by Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing.

    • U = Master Special Segregated Account ID

      Also referred to as Master SPSA ID. The master identifier issued by Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing for the aggregation of SPSA IDs.

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