This component is used to identify orders that are related to the order identified outside of this component for a business purpose. For example, the bundling of multiple orders into a single order. This component should not be used in lieu of explicit FIX fields that denote specific semantic relationships, but rather should be used when no such fields exist.


Tag Field Name Req'd Comments
73 NoOrders N
2887 RelatedOrderID N

Required if NoOrders <73> > 0.

2888 RelatedOrderIDSource N

The same value must be used for all orders having the same OrderRelationship <2890> value.

2836 RelatedOrderTime N
2889 RelatedOrderQty N
2890 OrderRelationship N

May be used to explicitly express the type of relationship or to provide orders having different relationships.

2835 OrderOriginationFirmID N

May be used when aggregating orders that were originally submitted by different firms, e.g. due to a merger or acquisition.

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