Type: char

Optionally used with TradeHandlingInstr = '0' to relay the trade handling instruction used when reporting the trade to the marketplace.

Same values as TradeHandlingInstr <1123>

Valid values:

  • 0 = Trade confirmation
  • 1 = Two-party report
  • 2 = One-party report for matching
  • 3 = One-party report for pass through

    Can be used when one of the parties to the trade submits a report which then has to be approved or confirmed by the other (counter)party.

  • 4 = Automated floor order routing
  • 5 = Two-party report for claim
  • 6 = One-party report
  • 7 = Third-party report for pass through

    Can be used when RootParties component contains a service provider role who submits the trade report and is not necessarily also on one side of the trade.

  • 8 = One-party report for auto-match

    Indicates that the submission is a transfer trade to a firm or account that is part of the same corporate entity and that once validated the transfer should be automatically accepted without confirmation.

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