The PriceRangeRulesGrp component is used to specify the price range rules for a given product group or complex.


Tag Field Name Req'd Comments
2550 NoPriceRangeRules N
2551 StartPriceRange N

Required if NoPriceRangeRules <2550> > 0.

2552 EndPriceRange N
2553 PriceRangeValue N

Mutually exclusive with PriceRangePercentage <2554>.

2554 PriceRangePercentage N

Mutually exclusive with PriceRangeValue <2553>.

2556 PriceRangeRuleID N

Can be used to provide an identifier so that the rule can be reference via the ID elsewhere.

2555 PriceRangeProductComplex N

Can be used to limit price range to specific product suite.

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