The use of this component block is restricted to instrument definition only and is not permitted to contain transactional information. Only a specified subset of party roles will be supported within the InstrumentParty block.

Possible uses of this block include identifying Listing Source information; Clearing Org information; Parent and Capital Structure information for F/Iixed Income and derivative instruments.


Tag Field Name Req'd Comments
1058 NoUndlyInstrumentParties N Repeating group below should contain unique combinations of InstrumentPartyID, InstrumentPartyIDSource, and InstrumentPartyRole
1059 UnderlyingInstrumentPartyID N Used to identify party id related to instrument
1060 UnderlyingInstrumentPartyIDSource N Used to identify source of instrument party id
1061 UnderlyingInstrumentPartyRole N Used to identify the role of instrument party id
2391 UnderlyingInstrumentPartyRoleQualifier N
Component Block - <UndlyInstrumentPtysSubGrp> N Repeating group of InstrumentParty sub-identifiers.

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