The SideCollateralAmountGrp component block is a repeating group that provides the current value of the collateral type on deposit for a side of the trade report. The currency of the collateral value may be optionally included.


Tag Field Name Req'd Comments
2691 NoSideCollateralAmounts N
2702 SideCurrentCollateralAmount N

Required if NoSideCollateralAmounts <2691> > 0.

2695 SideCollateralCurrency N

Can be used to specify the currency of SideCurrentCollateralAmount <2702> if Currency <15> is not specified or is not the same.

2694 SideCollateralAmountType N
2696 SideCollateralFXRate N
2697 SideCollateralFXRateCalc N
2701 SideCollateralType N
2693 SideCollateralAmountMarketSegmentID N
2692 SideCollateralAmountMarketID N
2703 SideHaircutIndicator N
2700 SideCollateralPortfolioID N
2699 SideCollateralPercentOverage N
2698 SideCollateralMarketPrice N
2862 SideCollateralReinvestmentRate N

When multiple instances of the SideCollateralReinvestmentGrp component are present this field specifies the average reinvestment rate.

Component Block - <SideCollateralReinvestmentGrp> N
2863 SideUnderlyingRefID N

May be used to indicate that this entry applies to the underlying collateral instrument being referenced by the value in UnderlyingID <2874>.

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