Tag Field Name Req'd Comments
1165 NoSettlOblig N Number of Settlement Obligations
430 NetGrossInd N
1161 SettlObligID N Unique ID for this settlement instruction
1162 SettlObligTransType N New, Replace, Cancel, or Restate
1163 SettlObligRefID N Required where SettlObligTransType <1162> is Cancel or Replace. The SettlObligID <1161> of the settlement obligation being canceled or replaced.
1157 CcyAmt N Net flow of currency 1
119 SettlCurrAmt N Net flow of currency 2
15 Currency N Currency 1 in the stated currency pair, the dealt currency
120 SettlCurrency N Currency 2 in the stated currency pair, the contra currency
155 SettlCurrFxRate N Derived rate of Ccy2 per Ccy1 based on netting
64 SettlDate N Value Date
Component Block - <Instrument> N Used to express the instrument in which settlement is taking place
Component Block - <Parties> N
168 EffectiveTime N Effective (start) date/time for this settlement instruction
126 ExpireTime N Termination date/time for this settlement instruction.
779 LastUpdateTime N Date/time this settlement instruction was last updated (or created if not updated since creation).
Component Block - <SettlDetails> N Conveys settlement account details reported as part of obligation

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