The LegProvisionOptionExerciseFixedDateGrp is a repeating component within the LegProvisionOptionExerciseDates component used to report an array of unadjusted or adjusted fixed exercise dates.

For the purpose of optimization, the LegProvisionOptionExerciseFixedDateType <40497> field may optionally be omitted after the first instance provided the instance(s) which immediately follow is of the same date type. When the next instance requires a different date type from the prior instance, the LegProvisionOptionExerciseFixedDateType <40497> is required to specify the date type.


Tag Field Name Req'd Comments
40495 NoLegProvisionOptionExerciseFixedDates N
40496 LegProvisionOptionExerciseFixedDate N

Required if NoLegProvisionOptionExerciseFixedDates <40495> > 0.

40497 LegProvisionOptionExerciseFixedDateType N

When specified it applies not only to the current date but to all subsequent dates in the group until overridden with a new type.

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