The presence of DiscretionInstructions component block on an order indicates that the trader wishes to display one price but will accept trades at another price.


Tag Field Name Req'd Comments
388 DiscretionInst N What the discretionary price is related to (e.g. primary price, display price etc)
389 DiscretionOffsetValue N Amount (signed) added to the "related to" price specified via DiscretionInst, in the context of DiscretionOffsetType
841 DiscretionMoveType N Describes whether discretion price is static/fixed or floats
842 DiscretionOffsetType N Type of Discretion Offset (e.g. price offset, tick offset etc)
843 DiscretionLimitType N Specifies the nature of the resulting discretion price (e.g. or better limit, strict limit etc)
844 DiscretionRoundDirection N If the calculated discretion price is not a valid tick price, specifies how to round the price (e.g. to be more or less aggressive)
846 DiscretionScope N The scope of "related to" price of the discretion (e.g. local, global etc)

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