Type: String

Used for derivatives. Denotes the current state of the Instrument.

Valid values:

  • 1 = Active
  • 2 = Inactive
  • 3 = Active, closing orders only

    Instrument is active but only orders closing positions (reducing risk) are allowed.

  • 4 = Expired

    Instrument has expired. E.g. An instrument may expire due to reaching maturity or expired based on contract definitions or exchange rules.

  • 5 = Delisted

    Instrument has been removed from securities reference data. Delisting rules varies from exchange to exchange, which may include non-compliance of capitalization, revenue, consecutive minimum closing price. The instrument may become listed again once the instrument is back in compliance. A delisted instrument would not trade on the exchange but it may still be traded over-the-counter (e.g. OTCBB) or on Pink Sheets, or other similar trading service.

  • 6 = Knocked-out

    Instrument has breached a pre-defined price threshold.

  • 7 = Knock-out revoked

    Instrument reinstated, i.e. threshold has not been breached.

  • 8 = Pending Expiry

    Instrument is currently still active but will expire after the current business day. For example, a contract that expires intra-day (e.g. at noon time) and is no longer tradeable but will still show up in the current day's order book with related statistics.

  • 9 = Suspended

    Instrument has been temporarily disabled for trading (i.e. halted).

  • 10 = Published

    Instrument information is provided prior to its first activation.

  • 11 = Pending Deletion

    Instrument is awaiting deletion from security reference data.

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