The TrdInstrmtLegExecGrp component comprises individual executions for legs of the trade side of a trade match report for a specific instrument.


Tag Field Name Req'd Comments
1892 NoLegExecs N
654 LegRefID N

Required if NoLegExecs <1892> > 0.

1893 LegExecID N
1901 LegExecRefID N
1894 LegTradeID N
1895 LegTradeReportID N
685 LegOrderQty N
564 LegPositionEffect N

Can be used to specify the position effect for the leg if it is different from the position effect of the overall multileg security.

565 LegCoveredOrUncovered N

Can be used to specify whether the option is a cover, if it is different from the overall multileg security.

Component Block - <NestedParties3> N
637 LegLastPx N
686 LegPriceType N
675 LegSettlCurrency N
1689 LegShortSaleExemptionReason N
1418 LegLastQty N
1591 LegQtyType N

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