The ComplexEventCreditEventGrp is a repeating component within the ComplexEventGrp component used to report applicable option credit events.


Tag Field Name Req'd Comments
40997 NoComplexEventCreditEvents N
40998 ComplexEventCreditEventType N

Required if NoComplexEventCreditEvents <40997> > 0.

40999 ComplexEventCreditEventValue N
41000 ComplexEventCreditEventCurrency N
41001 ComplexEventCreditEventPeriod N

Conditionally required when ComplexEventCreditEventUnit <41002> is specified.

41002 ComplexEventCreditEventUnit N

Conditionally required when ComplexEventCreditEventPeriod <41001> is specified.

41003 ComplexEventCreditEventDayType N
41004 ComplexEventCreditEventRateSource N
Component Block - <ComplexEventCreditEventQualifierGrp> N

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