The Collateral Amount Group component block is a repeating group that provides the current value of the collateral type on deposit. The currency of the collateral value may be optionally included.


Tag Field Name Req'd Comments
1703 NoCollateralAmounts N
1704 CurrentCollateralAmount N

Required if NoCollateralAmounts <1703> > 0.

1705 CollateralCurrency N

Can be used to specify the currency of CurrentCollateralAmount <1704> if Currency <15> is not specified or is not the same.

2632 CollateralAmountType N
2090 CollateralFXRate N
2091 CollateralFXRateCalc N
1706 CollateralType N
2092 CollateralAmountMarketSegmentID N
2093 CollateralAmountMarketID N
1902 HaircutIndicator N
2350 CollateralPortfolioID N
2690 CollateralPercentOverage N
2689 CollateralMarketPrice N
2840 CollateralReinvestmentRate N

May be used to specify the average reinvestment rate when there are multiple instances of the CollateralReinvestmentGrp.

Component Block - <CollateralReinvestmentGrp> N
2841 UnderlyingRefID N

May be used to indicate that this entry applies to the underlying collateral instrument being referenced by the value in UnderlyingID <2874>.

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