FIX 5.0 SP2 : <FinancingDetails> component block

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Component block is optionally used only for financing deals to identify the legal agreement under which the deal was made and other unique characteristics of the transaction. The AgreementDesc <913> field refers to base standard documents such as MRA 1996 Repurchase Agreement, GMRA 2000 Bills Transaction (U.K.), MSLA 1993 Securities Loan Amended 1998, for example.


Tag Field Name Req'd Comments
913 AgreementDesc N The full name of the base standard agreement, annexes and amendments in place between the principals and applicable to this deal
914 AgreementID N A common reference to the applicable standing agreement between the principals
915 AgreementDate N A reference to the date the underlying agreement was executed.
918 AgreementCurrency N Currency of the underlying agreement.
788 TerminationType N For Repos the timing or method for terminating the agreement.
916 StartDate N Settlement date of the beginning of the deal
917 EndDate N Repayment / repurchase date
919 DeliveryType N Delivery or custody arrangement for the underlying securities
898 MarginRatio N Percentage of cash value that underlying security collateral must meet.

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