FIX 5.0 SP1 : CustOrderHandlingInst <1031> field

Type: MultipleStringValue

Used In


Codes that apply special information that the Broker / Dealer needs to report, as specified by the customer.

NOTE: This field and its values have no bearing on the ExecInst <18> and TimeInForce <59> fields. These values should not be used instead of ExecInst or TimeInForce. This field and its values are intended for compliance reporting only.

For OrderHandlingInstSource <1032> = 1 (FINRA/NASD OATS), valid values are (as of OATS Phase III as provided by FINRA [former NASD].
See also for a complete list).

For OrderHandlingInstSource <1032> = 2 (FIA Execution Source Code), only one enumeration value may be specified.

Valid values:

ADD = Add-on Order

AON = All or None

CNH = Cash Not Held

DIR = Directed Order

E.W = Exchange for Physical Transaction

FOK = Fill or Kill

IO = Imbalance Only

IOC = Immediate or Cancel

LOO = Limit On Open

LOC = Limit on Close

MAO = Market at Open

MAC = Market at Close

MOO = Market on Open

MOC = Market On Close

MQT = Minimum Quantity

NH = Not Held

OVD = Over the Day

PEG = Pegged

RSV = Reserve Size Order

S.W = Stop Stock Transaction

SCL = Scale

TMO = Time Order

TS = Trailing Stop

WRK = Work

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