FIX 5.0 SP1 : <NotAffectedOrdersGrp> component block

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Tag Field Name Req'd Comments
1370 NoNotAffectedOrders N Optional field used to indicate the number of order identifiers for orders not affected by the request. Must be followed with OrigClOrdID(41) as the next field.
=> 1372 NotAffOrigClOrdID N

Required if NoNotAffectedOrders(1370) > 0 and must be the first repeating field in the group.

Indicates the client order id of an order not affected by the request. If order(s) were manually delivered (or otherwise not delivered over FIX and not assigned a ClOrdID) this field should contain string "MANUAL".

=> 1371 NotAffectedOrderID N Contains the OrderID assigned by the counterparty of an unaffected order. Not required as part of the repeating group if NotAffOrigClOrdID(1372) has a value other than "MANUAL".

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