FIX 4.4 : PartyIDSource <447> field

Type: char

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Identifies class or source of the PartyID <448> value. Required if PartyID <448> is specified. Note: applicable values depend upon PartyRole <452> specified.

See Appendix 6-G: Use of <Parties> Component Block

Valid values:

Applicable to all PartyRoles unless otherwise specified:

 B = BIC (Bank Identification Code—Swift managed) code (ISO 9362 – See Appendix 6-B)

 C = Generally accepted market participant identifier (e.g. NASD mnemonic)

 D = Proprietary/Custom code

 E = ISO Country <421> Code

 F = Settlement Entity Location (note if Local Market Settlement use "E = ISO Country Code") (see Appendix 6-G for valid values)

 G = MIC (ISO 10383 - Market Identifier Code) (See Appendix 6-C)

 H = CSD participant/member code (e.g. Euroclear, DTC, CREST or Kassenverein number)

For PartyRole <452>="Investor ID" and for Equities:

 1 = Korean Investor ID

 2 = Taiwanese Qualified Foreign Investor ID QFII / FID

 3 = Taiwanese Trading Account

 4 = Malaysian Central Depository (MCD) number

 5 = Chinese B Share (Shezhen and Shanghai)

See Volume 4: "Example Usage of PartyRole="Investor ID"

For PartyRole <452>="Investor ID" and for CIV:

 6 = UK National Insurance or Pension Number

 7 = US Social Security Number

 8 = US Employer Identification Number

 9 = Australian Business Number

 A = Australian Tax File Number

For PartyRole <452>="Broker of Credit":

 I = Directed broker three character acronym as defined in ISITC "ETC Best Practice" guidelines document

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