FIX 4.4 : OptAttribute <206> field

Type: char

Used In


Can be used for SecurityType <167>=OPT to identify a particular security.

Valid values vary by SecurityExchange <207>:

*** REPLACED values - See Appendix 6-F: 7.Replaced values: OptAttribute(tag 206) with values in CFICode(tag 461) [Replaced in FIX 4.3] ***

For Exchange: MONEP (Paris)

L = Long (a.k.a. "American")

S = Short (a.k.a. "European")

For Exchanges: DTB (Frankfurt), HKSE (Hong Kong), and SOFFEX (Zurich)

0-9 = single digit "version" number assigned by exchange following capital adjustments (0=current, 1=prior, 2=prior to 1, etc).

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