FIX 4.3 : SecurityType <167> field

Type: String

Used In


Indicates type of security. See also the Product <460> and CFICode <461> fields. It is recommended that CFICode be used instead of SecurityType for non-Fixed Income instruments.

Valid values (grouped by Product <460> field value):


 FAC = Federal Agency Coupon

 FADN = Federal Agency Discount Note

 PEF = Private Export Funding

  Identify the Issuer in the Issuer <106> field


FUT = Future

OPT = Option

*** REPLACED values - See:
Appendix 6-F: 4. Replaced Field Enumerations for Futures and Options for SecurityType (tag 167) with CFICode (tag 461) [replaced in FIX 4.3] ***

Note: COMMODITY Product includes Bond, Interest Rate, Currency, Currency Spot Options, Crops/Grains, Foodstuffs, Livestock, Fibers, Lumber/Rubber, Oil/Gas/Electricity, Precious/Major Metal, and Industrial Metal. Use CFICode <461> for more granular definition if necessary.


 CORP = Corporate Bond

 CPP = Corporate Private Placement

 CB = Convertible Bond

 DUAL = Dual Currency

 XLINKD = Indexed Linked

 STRUCT = Structured Notes

 YANK = Yankee Corporate Bond


 FOR = Foreign Exchange Contract


 CS = Common Stock

 PS = Preferred Stock


 Warrant now is listed under Municipals for consistency with Bloomberg fixed income product types. For equity warrants - use the CFICode <461> instead.


 BRADY = Brady Bond

 TBOND = US Treasury Bond

 TINT = Interest strip from any bond or note

 TIPS = Treasury Inflation Protected Securities

 TCAL = Principal strip of a callable bond or note

 TPRN = Principal strip from a non-callable bond or note

 UST = US Treasury Note/Bond

 USTB = US Treasury Bill

see also Volume 7: "PRODUCT: FIXED INCOME - Euro Soverign SecurityType Values"


Note: "Indices" includes: Stock, Index Spot Options, Commodity, Physical Index Options, Share/Ratio, and Spreads. For index types use the CFICode <461>.


 TERM = Term Loan

 RVLV = Revolver Loan

 RVLVTRM = Revolver/Term Loan

 BRIDGE = Bridge Loan

 LOFC = Letter of Credit

 SWING = Swing Line Facility

 DINP = Debtor in Possession

 DEFLTED = Defaulted

 WITHDRN = Withdrawn

 REPLACD = Replaced

 MATURED = Matured

 AMENDED = Amended & Restated

 RETIRED = Retired


 BA = Bankers Acceptance

 BN = Bank Notes

 BOX = Bill of Exchanges

 CD = Certificate of Deposit

 CL = Call Loans

 CP = Commercial Paper

 DN = Deposit Notes

 LQN = Liquidity Note

 MTN = Medium Term Notes

 ONITE = Overnight

 PN = Promissory Note

 PZFJ = Plazos Fijos

 RP = Repurchase Agreement

 RVRP = Reverse Repurchase Agreement

 STN = Short Term Loan Note

 TD = Time Deposit

 XCN = Extended Comm Note


 POOL = Agency Pools

 ABS = Asset-backed Securities

 CMBS = Corp. Mortgage-backed Securities

 CMO = Collateralized Mortgage Obligation

 IET = IOETTE Mortgage

 MBS = Mortgage-backed Securities

 MIO = Mortgage Interest Only

 MPO = Mortgage Principal Only

 MPP = Mortgage Private Placement

 MPT = Miscellaneous Pass-through

 TBA = To be Announced


 AN = Other Anticipation Notes BAN, GAN, etc.

 COFO = Certificate of Obligation

 COFP = Certificate of Participation

 GO = General Obligation Bonds

 MT = Mandatory Tender

 RAN = Revenue Anticipation Note

 REV = Revenue Bonds

 SPCLA = Special Assessment

 SPCLO = Special Obligation

 SPCLT = Special Tax

 TAN = Tax Anticipation Note

 TAXA = Tax Allocation

 TECP = Tax Exempt Commercial Paper

 TRAN = Tax & Revenue Anticipation Note

 VRDN = Variable Rate Demand Note

 WAR = Warrant


 MF = Mutual Fund (i.e. any kind of open-ended "Collective Investment Vehicle")

 MLEG = Multi-leg instrument (e.g. options strategy or futures spread. CFICode <461> can be used to identify if options-based, futures-based, etc.)

 NONE = No Security Type

 ? = "Wildcard" entry (used on Security Definition Request <c> message)

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