FIX 4.3 : RoundingDirection <468> field

Type: char

Used In


Specifies which direction to round For CIV - indicates whether or not the quantity of shares/units is to be rounded and in which direction where CashOrderQty <152> or (for CIV only) OrderPercent <516> are specified on an order.

Valid values are:

0 = Round to nearest

1 = Round down

2 = Round up

The default is for rounding to be at the discretion of the executing broker or fund manager.

e.g. for an order specifying CashOrderQty <152> or OrderPercent <516> if the calculated number of shares/units was 325.76 and RoundingModulus <469> was 10 - "round down" would give 320 units, "round up" would give 330 units and "round to nearest" would give 320 units.

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