FIX 4.2 : SecurityType <167> field

Type: String

Used In


Indicates type of security (ISITC spec)

Valid values:

BA = Bankers Acceptance

CB = Convertible Bond (Note not part of ISITC spec)

CD = Certificate Of Deposit

CMO = Collateralize Mortgage Obligation

CORP = Corporate Bond

CP = Commercial Paper

CPP = Corporate Private Placement

CS = Common Stock

FHA = Federal Housing Authority

FHL = Federal Home Loan

FN = Federal National Mortgage Association

FOR = Foreign Exchange Contract

FUT = Future

GN = Government National Mortgage Association

GOVT = Treasuries + Agency Debenture


MF = Mutual Fund

MIO = Mortgage Interest Only

MPO = Mortgage Principal Only

MPP = Mortgage Private Placement

MPT = Miscellaneous Pass-Thru

MUNI = Municipal Bond

NONE = No ISITC Security Type

OPT = Option

PS = Preferred Stock

RP = Repurchase Agreement

RVRP = Reverse Repurchase Agreement

SL = Student Loan Marketing Association

TD = Time Deposit

USTB = US Treasury Bill

WAR = Warrant

ZOO = Cats, Tigers & Lions (a real code: US Treasury Receipts)

? = 'Wildcard' entry (used on Security Definition Request <c> message)

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