Appendix D: Order State Change Matrices

D9 – Cancel/replace request (not for quantity change) is rejected as a fill has occurred

Time Message Received (ClOrdID, OrigClOrdID) Message Sent (ClOrdID, OrigClOrdID) Exec Type OrdStatus Exec Trans Type Order Qty Cum Qty Leaves Qty Last Shares Comment
1 New Order(X) 10000
2 Execution(X) Rejected Rejected New 10000 0 0 0 If order is rejected by broker
2 Execution(X) New New New 10000 0 10000 0
3 Execution(X) Partial Fill Partially Filled New 10000 1000 9000 1000 Execution for 1000
4 Replace Request(Y,X) 10000 Assume in this scenario that client does not wish to increase qty (e.g. client wants to amend limit price)
4 Execution (X) Fill Filled New 10000 10000 0 9000 Execution for 9000 – the replace request message and this execution report pass each other on the connection
5 Cancel Reject (Y,X) Filled 10000 CxlRejectReason = 0 (too late to cancel)

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