FIX 4.1 : Resend Request <2> message

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The resend request is sent by the receiving application to initiate the retransmission of messages. This function is utilized if a sequence number gap is detected, if the receiving application lost a message, or as a function of the initialization process.

The resend request can be used to request a single message, a range of messages or all messages subsequent to a particular message.

Note: the sending application may wish to consider the message type when resending messages; e.g. if a new order is in the resend series and a significant time period has elapsed since its original inception, the sender may not wish to retransmit the order given the potential for changed market conditions. (The Sequence Reset-GapFill <4> message is used to skip messages that a sender does not wish to resend.)

Note: it is imperative that the receiving application process messages in sequence order, e.g. if message number 7 is missed and 8-9 received, the application should ignore 8 and 9 and ask for a resend of 7-9.


Tag Field Name Req'd Comments
<MessageHeader> Y MsgType <35> = 2
7 BeginSeqNo Y
16 EndSeqNo Y
<MessageTrailer> Y


Sample Message

The '^' character is used to represent SOH character.


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