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Hotspot FX is an ECN platform founded in 2002 that offers spot foreign exchange market access to market participants. It is now owned and operated by CBOE Holdings as "Cboe FX".

In 2007 Hotspot was acquired by Knight Capital Group, Inc. In January 2015, KCG sold Hotspot to BATS Global Markets and in turn it was sold to CBOE Holdings as part of the acquisition of Bats Global Markets in February 2017.

The Cboe FX ECN is a marketplace where buyers and sellers can trade foreign exchange directly and anonymously. It exposed a number of API's for automated access including:

  • Cboe FX ECN ITCH Market Data book API
  • Cboe FX ECN BookFeed FIX API
  • Cboe FX ECN Orders FIX API

The OnixS directConnect: Cboe FX ECN solutions provide ITCH and FIX Market Data, and FIX Order Routing access solutions for automated trading strategies.

The OnixS directConnect: Cboe FX ECN FIX Market Data and FIX Order Routing Handler includes a bundle of the high performance OnixS FIX Engine  implementations with a Cboe FX ECN specific FIX variant dialect and sample trading client reference implementation source code. It is available in .NET, C++ and Java implementations. Features include:

  • Based on high-performance OnixS FIX Engine implementations
  • Supports both session and application level requirements
  • Fully supported and maintained FIX Order Routing specific FIX Dialect
  • Multithreaded architecture.
  • Pre-calibrated and pre-certified

The OnixS directConnect: Cboe FX ECN ITCH Market Data Handler is a class library that provides access to real-time order book information from the Cboe FX ECN book via tye ITCH Protocol. Features include:

  • Business objects level API that significantly simplifies the access to order book information from the Cboe FX ECN
  • Low latency, high throughput




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