Main features

The Cboe Futures Exchange (CFE) Binary Order Entry version 3 (BOEv3) API is the proprietary order entry protocol used by a Trading Privilege Holder (“TPH”) to connect to Cboe Futures Exchange (“CFE”).

The OnixS directConnect: Cboe CFE Binary Order Entry (BOEv3) is a C++ software component (library) that provides the ultra-low latency direct trading access to the Cboe Futures Exchange trading platform.


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Key features

  • Supports latest Cboe CFE Binary Order Entry version 3 (“BOEv3”) specifications.
  • Pre-tested – saves time and money in integration testing.
  • Supported – service level guarantee that the implementations are production strength, and will support current and future enhancements.
  • Ultra low latency, high through-put, and low CPU load – designed for high-frequency, lowest latency usage.
  • Automated reconnect.
  • Built-in throttling management.
  • Includes API support for session layer support, order entry, cancel, update, simple and complex execution report and mass cancel.
  • Easy-to-use and flexible API – designed for rapid integration within trading strategy architectures.
  • Flexible logging – ability to analyze and diagnose issues and activity quickly.
  • Included fast-start source code reference implementations with client and latency benchmarking samples – designed for rapid familiarization and to get users up and running rapidly.

Cboe CFE Binary Order


Cboe Futures Exchange (CFE) DMA solutions

Utra low-latency Cboe CFE Binary Order Entry (BOEv3) Direct Market Access solutions for automated trading strategies

The OnixS Cboe CFE Binary Order Entry (BOE) Order Routing Handler SDKs include:

  • Handler library
  • Documentation
  • Sample projects (Getting Started, Benchmark, Log Replay)

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