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Barclays Capital offers the BARX platform for access to global capital markets and multiple asset classes.

The BARX via FIX services offer FIX Standards based connectivity to Equities, Futures, Foreign Exchange and Commodities execution services for institutional clients.

The OnixS directConnect: BARX via FIX solutions provide support for BARX platform connectivity based on the industry standard FIX API designed for automating trading strategies.

The OnixS directConnect: BARX via FIX solutions includes a suite of packaged SDK bundles of:

  • venue specific calibrated, tested and supported FIX dialect variant protocol implementations for each of:
    • BARX Equities via FIX [BARX]
    • BARX Foreign Exchange via FIX [BARX FX]
    • BARX Futures via FIX [BARX F&O and BARX F&O Drop Copy]
  • and fast-start reference implementation client application samples with source code to save time getting up and running.







Barclays and BARX are service marks and trademarks of Barclays Bank PLC