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TMX Montréal Exchange (MX) TMX

The TMX Montréal Exchange (MX) Derivatives Markets SOLA Trading platform supports a range of order and market data interfaces.


OnixS directConnect: MX HSVF Market Data Handler

provides the communication interface for the high speed transmission of real-time trading and statistical information via HSVF protocol and is certified with the Boston Options Exchange (BOX) and the Montreal Exchange. Main features include:

  • Support of all HSVF message types (quotes, market depth, strategies, bulletins, summaries and other statistics)
  • Simple handling of new HSVF specifications and upgrades
  • Data re-transmission
  • Flexible validation


OnixS directConnect: MX SOLA FIX Order Routing SDK solution

is packaged for participants who want to connect their own front-end trading applications to SOLA. Main features include:

  • Calibrated and tested FIX variant dialect implementation
  • OnixS high performance multi-platform FIX Engines
  • Trading client reference implementation samples