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Thomson Reuters Matching API (MAPI)

OnixS directConnect: Thomson Reuters Matching API (MAPI) Handlers provide ultra-low latency access to Thomson Reuters Matching market data and trading. They are implemented as easy-to-use yet flexible and powerful libraries that could be quickly integrated into client infrastructure.

OnixS Thomson Reuters Matching API (MAPI) Solution Diagram

OnixS Thomson Reuters Matching API (MAPI) Market Data Handler

provides direct connectivity to Thomson Reuters Matching market data feed via RFA API.

Key features:

  • Certified
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Depth of Book (DoB)
  • Security Definitions:
    • Security name
    • Permissions
    • IDN terminal device
    • Full/abbreviated text instrument name
    • SWIFT codes
    • Lot size
    • Book depth
    • Quote details
    • TIB sequence number
    • Price convention
  • Flexible per-security filtering
  • Easy integration with high performance OnixS FIX Engine for order entry
  • Getting Started and Benchmark samples – designed for familiarization and to get up and running rapidly
  • Light hardware and deployment requirements

OnixS Thomson Reuters Matching API (MAPI) Trading Client Reference Implementation

illustrates the usage of OnixS FIX Engine for ultra-low latency order entry to Thomson Reuters Matching FIX Gateway.

The following FIX 5.0 SP2 messages are supported: