OnixS TT® Platform "FIX as a Service” FIX API solutions.

OnixS TT® Platform "FIX as a Service” FIX API solutions.

27 June 2017


OnixS offers “out of the box” solutions for seamless FIX connectivity to Trading Technologies’ TT® Platform, the company’s ultra-low-latency, hybrid-cloud trading platform for professional derivatives traders.

Access to the TT® Platform "FIX as a Service” FIX API requires a FIX Engine with calibrated FIX Dialects to support order routing and Drop Copy access to the wide range of supported venues, including CME, ICE, Eurex, MX, MEFF, Euronext, and CFE...

The OnixS solution is a certified and supported bundle of the high performance OnixS .NET FIX Engine with full Programming Guide documentation, TT specific FIX Dialect, and “ready to run” TT Trading Client sample application with associated .NET/C# source code and Visual Studio project files.

The OnixS software distribution saves time and effort in providing a “fast-start” for developers to reference and adapt based on the specific requirements context.

For more information, see www.onixs.biz/tt

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