Nodal Exchange Trade Capture.

Nodal Exchange Trade Capture.

18 May 2017 Exchange is a derivatives exchange providing price, credit and liquidity risk management to participants in the North American energy markets. Nodal Exchange offers market participants a FIX based Trade Capture feed to automatically feed trade details into their Energy Trading & Risk Management systems = greatly increased back office efficiency and accuracy.

Nodal Exchange also maintains a list of trade capture independent software vendors providing third party applications which have been certified for the Nodal Exchange Trade Capture API - OnixS is pleased to be one of those certified independent software vendors...

The Nodal Exchange FIX based Trade Capture feed has been updated to support the new Options contracts on the Nodal platform. These updates necessitated recertification for Nodal ISVs to support the updates to the Nodal Trade Capture FIX feed included tags and enumeration changes on FIX tags 609(LegSecurityType) and 610(LegMaturityMonthYea), and 828(TrdTyp).

OnixS Completed certification in the Nodal Exchange new release UAT for the Nodal Trade Capture implementations on 10th May 2017.

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