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MB Trading [MBT]MB Trading

The MB Trading FIX Gateway offers access to trading only using the industry standard FIX Protocol version 4.4 and provides seamless access to MBTX's order routing, execution reporting, and position management capabilities.

Quote API offers access to quotes only and is based on a very simple API protocol. The Quote API is a quotes-only, message-based, platform-independent, non-COM, non-FIX protocol and most developers use it alongside the FIX Gateway. Historical data for the Quote API is currently under development with no release date available at this time; however, you can access the MBT® SDK for historical data

And the MB Trading Quote API is designed to provide access to the following data feeds: NASDAQ Market

  • New York Stock Exchange - NYSE
  • American Stock Exchange - AMEX
  • Toronto Stock Exchange - TSX
  • INET and ARCA ECN books
  • CBOE Options quotes
  • CME Futures Quotes
  • CBOT Futures quotes
  • Foreign Currencies

The OnixS solution for MBT include a bundle of the:

  • OnixS directConnect: MBT Quote API Handler for market data feed.
  • a choice of the OnixS FIX Engine range of .NET, C++ and Java FIX Engines providing high performance FIX engine and FIX/FAST solutions with the flexibility of technology platform choice and simple API's.
  • venue specific calibrated, tested and supported FIX dialect variant protocol implementations
  • and fast-start reference implementation client application samples with source code to save time getting up and running.