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The Euronext Universal Trading Platform (UTP) provides seamless, high performance trading markets in Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon, London and Paris.

OnixS launched the original OnixS directConnect: NYSE LIFFE XDP and CCG solutions during the phased decommissioning of the older LIFFE Connect API as it migrated to the new NYSE LIFFE UTP infrastructure. And in turn, with the ICE acquisition of NYSE/LIFFE, supported the migration path to the ICE platform, and the XDP and CCG implementations to Euronext.

OnixS supports the Euronext UTP trading platfom interfaces via the Secure Financial Transaction Infrastructure (SFTI) offering the following solutions:

OnixS directConnect: Euronext UTP Exchange Data Publisher (XDP) – market data broadcast features include:

  • Order Book management and processing the FAST (FIX Adapted for Streaming) compressed Real Time Market Data broadcast via A and B multicast streams.
  • Processing incremental updates and maintaining the order book image.
  • Ability to listen to product groups and specific multicast channels.
  • Recovery Channel / Retransmission processing. Missed UPD packets may be requested via a TCP/IP connection.
  • Refresh Service. Provides a snapshot of the order book, at the time of processing, in a FAST compressed message for specific instruments.
  • FTP Standing data. Instrument static downloaded daily prior to market open and support for the dedicated real-time channel for intraday changes.

OnixS directConnect: Euronext UTP Common Customer Gateway (CCG) CCG-Binary order entry features include:

  • Supporting the lowest latency CCG-Binary option for order entry to Euronext markets
  • The CCG-Binary interface which will be the first choice for all market participants using co-location deployments due to the proximity latency advantages.
  • Supports the embedded CCG Drop Copy Service for order acknowledgements and Trade Executions.
  • Supports transport level optimization and session level state maintenance — ability to tune transport efficiency and provides session level state management.