Euronext Cash CCG FIX

Supports the Euronext CCG FIX 4.2 API for access to the Euronext Cash market Common Customer Gateway (CCG) application, which provides access to market participants to a UTP (Universal Trading Platform).

Supports FIX session level and application level messages for CCG Order Entry and CCG Drop Copy services.

The OnixS Euronext Cash CCG FIX Support Pack includes a packaged FIX API SDK bundles of:

  • a choice of the OnixS FIX Engine range of .NET, C++ and Java FIX Engines providing high performance FIX engine and FIX/FAST solutions with the flexibility of technology platform choice and simple API's.
  • Euronext CCG FIX 4.2 venue specific calibrated, tested and supported FIX dialect variant protocol implementation.
  • fast-start reference implementation client application samples with source code to save time getting up and running.
  • the reassurance that the Euronext CCG FIX 4.2 API SDK solutions are supported and certified.