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NYSE Arca, previously known as ArcaEx, an abbreviation of Archipelago Exchange, is a securities exchange on which both stocks and options are traded. It is owned by NYSE Euronext Inc., which merged (as NYSE Group) with Archipelago Holdings in a reverse merger on February 2006.

The OnixS directConnect: NYSE Arca Market Data Handler and Order Routing solution offerings include:

OnixS directConnect: ArcaBook Multicast Market Data Handler provides the complete limit order book for NYSE Arca's trading in listed securities. It is available in multiplatform Windows and Linux C++ implementations. Features include:

  • High-level and easy-to-use API that enables you to quickly integrate Arca market data without deep involvement in the specific protocol
  • Maintaining books and states for subscribed markets and products.
  • Automatic detection and recovery from failure scenarios.
  • Multithreaded architecture.
  • Low latency, high throughput.
  • Arca pre-calibrated and tested
  • Provides a supported, fully maintained and quick to implement Arca market data feed handler.


OnixS directConnect: NYSE Arca FIX Trade Handler for Arca access via the NYSE FIX gateway. This solutions includes a bundle of the high performance OnixS FIX Engines and FAST Encoder/Decoder implementations with an Arca specific FIX variant dialect and sample trading client reference implementation source code. It is available in .NET, and Windows and Linux C++ implementations. Features include:

  • Based on high-performance OnixS FIX Engine implementations
  • Supports both session and application level requirements
  • Fully supported and maintained Arca FIX Order Routing specific FIX Dialect
  • Multithreaded architecture.
  • Arca pre-calibrated and tested

The OnixS solutions enable those developing server or client side .NET, C++ or Java applications to quickly and efficiently use the high performance, production strength OnixS technology for market data and trading access.